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We provide a unique and interactive approach to preparing and strengthening organisational responses to cyber attacks. We do this through three levels of scenario-based training.


Pathfinder is a multi-organisation event designed for smaller businesses who don't have the numbers for a Heroic exercise, or for larger companies who just want to 'dip their toe' into the world of Cyber War Games.

We run a number of Pathfinder scenarios throughout the year. During the event, you take your place in a fictional company, making decisions and reacting to events likely to be experienced in a real cyber attack. You will also learn the essentials of cyber security, strategy and tactics.

As a Pathfinder participant you will benefit from sharing experiences with other delegates from different sectors. You will also leave with a clear action plan for your own organisation and an invaluable experience of how to use the plan when needed.


Heroic at its core is similar to 'Pathfinder'. The difference is that it is designed for businesses who want to bring the Cyber War Games in-house and make the scenario more personal to their organisation.

The Heroic level event typically runs between 4 hours and a full day, depending on the depth and complexity of the scenario, plus the number of people involved. As this level is run in-house, many people use it to test their current assumptions to crisis management in response to a cyber attack

As a Heroic participant you will be challenged strategically and tactically throughout the event, whilst gaining essential knowledge and experience. For improvement and development, you can also opt for a detailed debriefing about the event's findings.


Legendary is fully bespoke to your business. It's different from the Heroic level in that we build the scenario from an attacker's perspective focused on the challenges directly faced by your business.

To build your unique scenario, we audit your information security management and risk management systems, whilst also taking into consideration any vulnerability scanning and penetration testing results you might have. If you don't have these, don't worry, we can do those for you too.

As a Legendary participant you will gain a deeper understanding of the current cyber security position of your business. In addition to the event, we include a full debrief post Cyber War Game. If required, we can also build frameworks to ensure future resilience.

We're pretty good at this too

risk management

Risk Management

When it comes to risk management, we know our stuff. Whether you need risk management for a cyber or traditional application, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

ISMS Development

If you get your Information Security Management Systems right then your cyber security is definitely on track. If you are shooting for the gold standard ISO or want a bespoke system, we can help.

framework design

Framework Design

Do you need a full framework for your cyber security? One that includes information security management systems, risk management and crisis management? If you do, we can build.

crisis management

Crisis Management

If the inevitable has happened and you are faced with a cyber crisis and don't know which way to turn, call us, we can help. If you want to put a plan in place and avoid the crisis, we can do that too (in fact we prefer it).

Frequently asked questions

As a rule of thumb, if you are a small organisation with few staff the best option would be to book onto one of our Pathfinder events. Alternatively, if you want to arrange a Heroic event for you and your business colleagues, drop us a line.

For larger companies you might want to come along to a Pathfinder event to see what the Cyber War Games are about but if you want the experience in house then Heroic is for you.

Legendary is for the business who wants to understand how their strengths and weaknesses could be leveraged against them through a fully customisable and bespoke scenario.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss things with you.

For Pathfinder, we run the events with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 28. We run pathfinder events periodically throughout the year but if you have a network of colleagues and want a Pathfinder event sooner, please contact us.

For Heroic the minimum number is your choice but in most circumstances we recommend no less than 4 to get the most from the event. The maximum number is 28 on any given day. If you have more than 28 people, for example different departments, you can book more than one event to run on consecutive days following a common scenario.

Legendary is your game with your rules so the numbers are totally up to you.

We have found that by using a relevant fictional company, participants will easily identify with the challenges whilst also solving problems objectively, thus being able to develop a good action plan for their own organisation.

Legendary Games are fully bespoke and do not use a fictional company for the scenarios, although the events are fictional.

Pathfinder usually starts from £199 per person plus VAT but keep your eyes open on our Eventbrite page as we often run special offers.

Heroic starts at £3000 per event plus VAT. If you are interested in this level please contact us as we are always happy to discuss how the games work.

The Legendary price is based on both the complexity of the requirements and the specifications chosen. If you require further information on this level please contact us and we can walk you through the options.

Not at all. Many people who participate in either a Pathfinder or Heroic event use our services after an event to strengthen their business, but you can use us anytime independently of the Cyber War Games.

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience stretching from risk management to information security management systems, from incident response to crisis management. If you think there could be something you need help with, just get in touch.

If you have any other questions please Contact Us we are happy to help.

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