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Firm Partners

Alan Pawsey

Alan is Director of Arc Risk and Resilience Ltd, where he shares his Risk Management and Business Continuity expertise with a range of clients in the fields of Civil Engineering, Education, Port Logistics, Insurance and Manufacturing. An essential element of his Risk and Resilience business is the delivery of workshops and exercises designed to enhance people’s confidence in dealing with uncertain or difficult situations. Even when they have a plan!

Alan gained much of his expertise from a police career that saw him manage local and force-wide operations. Operations which included specialist areas relating to firearms, public order, counter terrorism and emergency planning.

He also has experience in assisting local government to identify and effectively respond to strategic, operational and emerging risks whilst in the capacity of risk manager.

As part of Suffolk Resilience, Alan co-ordinates the Suffolk Business Continuity Forum. The Forum brings Suffolk businesses together to discuss & learn more about business continuity management.

In his spare time Alan enjoys sailing, walking and cycling. He undertakes voluntary work with the Woolverstone (Sailability) Project. He is also a Trustee of Alton Water Sports Centre.

Andy Tillman

Andrew is a cyber intelligence professional who specialises in cyber and cyber-enabled crime.  With a specific area of expertise in intellectual property protection, digital fraud investigations and OSINT training.

He has over 15 years of detailed and specific experience in cyber fraud investigations and the digital intelligence arena. As former Head of Intelligence for National Trading Standards, Andrew built, and led, the first National Trading Standards e-Crime Intelligence Hub, and also, the National Trading Standards Intelligence facility.

Prior to National Trading Standards, Andrew was manager for the Office of Fair Trading’s Digital Investigations Team and represented the service throughout Europe in relation to digital business/consumer protection and competition related matters. He also devoted numerous years to protecting businesses from online fraud for Trading Standards, locally and regionally..

Andrew has developed and delivered numerous training events, nationally and internationally, on subjects such as cyber intelligence/enforcement, cyber security, intelligence led investigations and combating exploitation of emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Big picture: To make East Anglia a strong and safe area for businesses to prosper in the digital age.

Detailed Picture: For cyber security to become second nature to everyone we work with. Ensuring your business is hardened to cyber attack and prepared to deal with any future threats you may face.

Helping your business to become stronger and more resilient to attack, which will in turn strengthen your supply chains and partners.

We also strive for your employees to become more cyber aware, thus protecting your business and their homes, families and friends alike. 

Our story

“There must be a better way to teach people about cyber attacks and how to handle a cyber security crisis?”. Well that’s the question Andy and Alan had, and was the question that was the beginning of our Cyber War Games. 

Before this, Andy and Alan were strangers to one another. Andy had just finished giving a cyber security talk and Alan, a risk management professional, was in the audience. This is when the question arose.

Both agreed that most training didn’t feel real or cover the most important areas of cyber security. Very rarely was help given to actually deal with a cyber attack and even less, how to prevent a crisis when an attack happens. 

This led to an in-depth analysis to find the best way to deliver a technical subject, to people who don’t need to be cyber security experts, but are the people expected to make critical decisions during a cyber attack.

The result was that Andy and Alan agreed current cyber security training didn’t feel real enough for people to practically apply in their business. Plus, there was a certain mystery about the world of cyber security which didn’t help.

The key is to help decision makers experience the stages of a cyber attack in order for them to protect their business. Furthermore, this experience should be easy to apply in their own business. This is what our CYBER WAR GAMES delivers.

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