Cyber War Games

Stop an attack becoming a crisis with our scenario-based cyber security training

the question.

“WHAT IF?” It’s the one question we all have on our minds when it comes to a cyber attack. More specifically it’s “what if it happens to us?”. However, what we should be asking ourselves is, “WHEN it happens HOW will we react?”

Cyber Question Books

Unless you work in the world of cyber security, it’s a tough subject.
Previous training from other providers stayed with me for a couple of days… max.

Not with PlayDontLose. Their interactive format made it real for me and each day since, something still triggers what we covered in the Cyber War Games.

Am I a cyber security expert now? No, and I don’t want to be. But I am confident I know what to do when a cyber attack happens – most definitely!

The answer.

Don’t leave it up to chance. Even with the best technological solutions money can buy, you still need the assurance that your people, processes and procedures will hold strong during a cyber attack.

The SolutioN

Test your people, processes and procedures. We all know the importance of fire drills and do them regularly (even though a fire is often unlikely to happen) – So why not do the same for cyber attacks? Especially as they are more likely to happen.

Through our scenario-based exercises (Cyber War Games) we test your current response to cyber attacks, incidents and crises. We give you assurance that when the time comes, your people, processes and procedures will withstand a real cyber attack

We offer a number of uniquely designed cyber security scenarios, which differ in complexity to cater for all business sizes, compositions and needs.

Be ready – ‘Play Don’t Lose’

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